07 June 2015


When I walk down the streets of San Francisco, people sometimes ask me for money. And if I have the time, as I almost always do, I stop and talk with them about what brought them to where they are. And if I have the cash, as I almost always do, I give it to them.

People tell me that I’m foolish for giving money to people for no reason. My donations aren’t tax-deductible! They don’t go on the record anywhere! These people might just be using my hard-earned money to buy alcohol and drugs!

So what? I use my money to buy alcohol and drugs. Because like an awful lot of people in the modern west, I’m lonely. My vices are a distraction to tide me over until I meet another lonely someone whose flaws are compatible enough with my own that we can rub our woes together and feel whole again.

So if you can give, give. What the fuck does someone with a steady job need with another few bucks? Let it go. It might make the difference between life and death for someone who was dealt a shitty hand.